The 1960s is an era which is overlooked when it comes to great films, but there are undoubtedly some real classics which deserve mention from this period. They are well worth seeking out, particularly for the younger generation who may not be aware of them.

Dr Strangelove, 1964

This iconic movie has both elements of fantasy and comedy and stars Peter Sellers and George C. Scott. This renowned film has a storyline which revolves around an insane general who is intent on creating a nuclear holocaust. Peter Sellers actually plays three separate roles within the film and improvised many of his lines.

The Graduate,1967

Starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft, this grand movie won an Oscar for Best Director and was nominated for Best Picture. Seen as somewhat shocking at the time of its release, it tells the story of a young graduate and his affair with an older woman. Much of the music for the film was provided by Simon and Garfunkel, shooting them to stardom.

Lawrence of Arabia,1962

This epic movie, coming in at over three hours long, stars Peter O’Toole and Alec Guinness. It covers the true story of an English officer, who led Arab tribes, against the backdrop of World War 1. However, some scenes are said to be not historically accurate, and others are entirely fictionalised. A little known fact is that there are no women in the movie with speaking roles. The film has won numerous honours, including seven Oscars and five awards from the British Academy.

It should be possible for you to find all of these classic movies available to rent, download or buy, for an evening of nostalgia. Other 1960s films to consider, include Dr No, Goldfinger, Rosemary’s Baby, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Planet of the Apes.