So far, 2019 has a bounty of stellar offerings for movie-lovers. From innovative sci-fi movies to brilliant blockbusters, it seems people will have a hard time choosing winners in the upcoming award season. David Robert, Christina Petzold, Harmony Korine are all example of filmmakers with memorable movies to show this year. And there’s still a lot happening in the background. It looks like this is going to be a good year for movie enthusiasts.

High Life

High Life is yet another milestone for the French filmmaker, Clair Dennis. The movie features a bunch of prisoners being used as guinea pigs in space missions. Think of it as a sci-fi movie without laser shootouts, space battles or lightsabers. The story revolves around the main character’s life, Monte. He’s seen raising a little girl named Willow in a dark and messy space vessel plagued with technical issues.

The Transit

Christina Petzold, a renowned filmmaker behind The Transit, tells a story of a German fugitive in Paris who successfully escapes a Nazi concentration camp. He is entrusted to deliver an urgent letter to a famous anti-nazi author, who he finds dead. The fugitive steals the author’s identification documents, takes his estranged wife and manages to get out of the country through the main gate.

Overall, this movie is a story about a dangerous identity game, regret, trauma and rebirth. And Christina tells it astonishingly well.

The Souvenir

The Souvenir is about a shy film student who’s in a toxic relationship with Anthony, a heroin addict. Shot in the backdrop of London’s wealthy ’80s, the movie tells a story of this awkward courtship and how the girl tries to find her voice as an artist. She defies everyone, including her protective mother and friends as she enters deeper into the relationship that would shatter her dreams of becoming a successful film artist.