Some may not understand what movies fall into the cult classics category. They are basically movies that were produced and soon developed a cult following.

How a Cult Classic Is Identified

In order for a movie to be categorised as a cult classic, it has to garner a fanbase that is very dedicated to the movie and is really excited about it. They will display this by viewing the movie several times and talking about it. Quite often, these types of movies don’t fit in well with what is classed as mainstream movies.

Cult Movie History

Some movies that were made soon became controversial and were not well received by the general public. However, they did collect a fan base that kept them active. There are some films that were shelved but re-discovered by what is called a cult fanbase. Sometimes there is a new approach taken to them, which moves them into the more respected range of films and they have become classics. These types of movies have been around ever since the making of films came into existence. They can be traced all the way back to 1910.

From Screen to Television

There have been some films made that failed at the box office but fared quite well on cable television, or made a profit as home videos. Some of the earlier films that were classed as cult films were destroyed. The odd one may have escaped this and remained in existence where the cult fans kept it alive. Locations will also have an impact on how long a cult movie will be kept popular among its fan base.

Transgression Films

This is slightly different from cult films but does have some similarities. These types of movies surfaced in the 1970s. They are attributed to an artistic movement.