For some people, when they realise a particular film may be classed as a cult movie, they are nervous that it may be cult orientated. Really what it means is that it is a movie that was not popular with the general public but did develop a strong fan base. Some that fit into this category are as follows:

Army of Darkness

What has probably created a cult following for this particular movie is that it is a combination of both horror and comedy. This is not an easy feat for movie producers to accomplish.

Withnail and I

Some may think that a cult movie is all about evil and darkness. This is not the case, and this movie is a true testament of that. The plot of this story revolves around two London actors that are struggling. It is classed as a black movie that is all comedy. It is well known in England yet did not receive any recognition in the US.

The Princess Bride

Many are shocked when they see this movie put into the classifications of cult movies. This is because of their misconception as to what cult movies are. The Princess Bride has a huge following and not just with children either.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

For those who are into cult movies that revolve around any form of horror, then this one is sure to appeal to them. Its all about organ failure and how the future deals with this. A spoiler may come from the name “Repo”.

The Room

A lot that are into cult movies are enthralled with them because they think they are so great. This one is an exception because most believe it is so terrible that it is worth watching many times over. Which leads to it being classified as a cult movie.